Cabañas Puesta del Sol


comarca The region

San Andrés de la Sierra

San Andrés de la Sierra, is located more than 400 meters above sea level, on the Provincial Route 76:
or in front of Villa Serrana La Gruta,
or 20 km from Sierra de la Ventana,
or 13 km from Villa Ventana and
or 17 km from the City of Tornquist.

bodegasaldungaray The region


Located 8 km from Sierra de la Ventana and located in a wide valley between Sierras de la Ventana and Pillahuincó, this small town is part of the Tourist Villages Program promoted by the Province’s Tourism Secretariat. Among its options are visiting the Winery Saldungaray to taste wines and have lunch in Quesería Udi.

villa_serrana_la_gruta05 The region

Villa Serrana La Gruta

Founded on December 2, 1970, it is located 35 kilometers from the Sierra de la Ventana, on the Provincial Route Nº76 road to the city of Tornquist and a few minutes from the base of Cerro Ventana.

It offers one of its characteristic places of the area, the chapel of Our Lady of Fatima, where annually are made great pilgrimages to pay tribute to the virgin. You can also enjoy horseback riding and bicycle rides, and the remains of a graveyard of trains that united the whole region, along with other locations such as Bahía Blanca.

villaventana The region

Villa Ventana

Founded on July 25, 1947 and is the centre of the Swallow Provincial Feast. The Villa can be reached by taking the route N ° 76 and N ° 72, towards the town of Tornquist, only 17 km from Sierra de la Ventana and 13 km from San Andrés de la Sierra.
Among its options are: Municipal recreation; The Ex Club Hotel – one of the first casinos in Argentina, inaugurated in 1911 and destroyed by a fire; Craft Workshops; The Museum of Local History; Private stays to spend a picnic.

Tornquist1 The region


Town head, founded in April 17 of 1883.
In the City you can visit: the square Ernesto Tornquist; the Municipal Theater Rodolfo Funke; the church Santa Rosa de Lima; the Tourist Information Office, the Tornquist Cultural Center and the Museum of the city, where you can see archaeological remains and the evolution of the town until the middle of the 20th century.

Another activity is a visit to Monte Calvario, on one of the slopes of the neighboring hills. There the stations of the crucis can be observed and in the top of the hill a great white cross with the crucified Christ. The Holy Sepulcher which displays the reclining Christ stands on a stone, in the midst of a cave. At a short distance you can see the castle in norman style that belonged to the family Tornquist.

sierradelaventana The region

Sierra de la Ventana

Founded in January 17, 1908, the centre of the Provincial City of Magi, located at 20 kilometers from San Andres de la Sierra, 248 meters above sea level. You can reach it through provincial route No. 72, or by rail via Coronel Pringles.
Among its many options are: Recreos on the margins of the Sauce Grande River; Casino on the first floor of the Hotel Provincial; Traditional craft walks, Fishing rainbow trout along all the rivers; enjoying a 18-hole golf course and sightseeing panoramic points in Cerro Ceferino and Cerro del Amor.